Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve.....

Well it's finally Christmas Eve and I am so sorry I have not blogged in a couple weeks butbInhave been so busy!!!  This Christmas is nothing like I envisioned or wanted because my grandmother is in the hospital still and my mother is her care taker so it's just gonna be me, Sweetness and Chloe.  I mean that is okay I'm just used to lots of family around.

I understand that my Mom can't leave my grandma alone in the hospital, she is scared and nervous and the nurses are not always on top of things, and you should never really leave your loved one in the hospital alone anyways.  
But I did want to get some pictures up of Miss Chloe in some of her cute little Christmas duds.  I will certainly take lots of pictures on Christmas morning and post those as well.  I am so excited about getting to play Santa for the first time!!!

And what you will see from the pictures below is that Chloe is finally taking steps on her own!!!  She is pretty close to full out walking and we are sooooo happy!!!  Finally!!!!

So from our family to yours, Merry Merry Christmas!!!!  Remember the baby that is the reason we celebrate!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our first post in our new blog home!!!

Well Helloooooooo!!!!  Welcome to our new blogger home!!!  I heard from so many of you an you asked that I continue to blog and you said you really do enjoy my postings and seeing pictures of my little angel, so I have spent a lot of time and money (ha ha) getting this new blog up and running.

It took some creative juices flowing to come up with a name and header design etc.  And actually it was Sweetness, not me, who came up with the blog title "The Chloe Chronicles", since she is truly the main topic of this blog.  And I once again want to say a big Thank You to Kelsey at Designs by Kelsey for doing my blog design and uplift!!!

You will notice some of the same things in this blog header/theme that was in my last one because they are so important to me and run in the fabric of our family.  Mainly they would be rainbows and our Faith.  I have always loved rainbows, not only because of their beautiful colors but because they represent God keeping His promises.  In the bible, the Lord tells Noah that He will send a rainbow as a sign to him and the people that He(God) would never again flood the every time I see a rainbow I think about hoe faithful the Lord has been to ME, and kept His promises to fulfill the desires of my heart if I was faithful and trusted in Him and His word.  Boy has He ever kept His promises!!!  Chloe is the most precious gift we have ever, and will ever receive from the Lord~ she is everything Sweetness and I dreamed of in a daughter, and more.  My heart is overflowing with my love for her and thanks to the Lord who gave her to us!!! 

So rainbows are a big deal to me, and if any of you remember, 2 days before Chloe was born, I was an absolute hot mess, wondering whether I would be her mom, would this adoption really work out etc? and the Lord sent the most beautiful bright rainbow right on front of me on my way home from work that day- clearly He wanted to show me that He had this!!  You can click back to my old blog to see the post about that rainbow.

Speaking of clicking back to my the old blog version...... If you notice at the top right hand side of this new blog, there is a big circle of dots, that says "Click here for Our Journey to Chloe", that button will take you back to the first and second installments of our journey to Chloe, 4 years of infertility, IVF, heartbreak, the adoption process, and then the birth of Chloe and through her first year or so of life!!!  The rest begins in this blog starting today!!!

I have sincerely missed blogging in the last 3 weeks since I have blogged last, so I have lots to share and say, and I am going to make more of an effort not to post so many photos as I did on the last installment of my blog (Sweetness and Me) due to reaching that photo limit and hence having to make a whole new blog!!!  But don't worry I will be taking my normal number of pics of my little precious one:)

I sincerely hope that as you are now reading this blog, that you will PLEASE sign up as a member, you can be public or anonymous, but it just puts a little icon under my side bar called Faithful Followers.  I had 50 or so regular followers back and Sweetness and Me, and I hope to get at least that many follow us over here!!

Well that's all for now, I will be back and very soon- with some fun pics of Miss Priss and we will get this blog rolling!!!!  I hope you are enjoying this Holiday season and feeling Merry and Bright!!!  :)