Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve.....

Well it's finally Christmas Eve and I am so sorry I have not blogged in a couple weeks butbInhave been so busy!!!  This Christmas is nothing like I envisioned or wanted because my grandmother is in the hospital still and my mother is her care taker so it's just gonna be me, Sweetness and Chloe.  I mean that is okay I'm just used to lots of family around.

I understand that my Mom can't leave my grandma alone in the hospital, she is scared and nervous and the nurses are not always on top of things, and you should never really leave your loved one in the hospital alone anyways.  
But I did want to get some pictures up of Miss Chloe in some of her cute little Christmas duds.  I will certainly take lots of pictures on Christmas morning and post those as well.  I am so excited about getting to play Santa for the first time!!!

And what you will see from the pictures below is that Chloe is finally taking steps on her own!!!  She is pretty close to full out walking and we are sooooo happy!!!  Finally!!!!

So from our family to yours, Merry Merry Christmas!!!!  Remember the baby that is the reason we celebrate!!!


  1. What a sweetie! Those first steps are so special... my sentimental heart says don't rush 'em along, though I know it's almost impossible not to. :) By Alysse, I admit, I had a crazy thought to push her down when that walking time came... just so she could retain a little baby-ness for a teeny, tiny bit longer! Merry Christmas to you all!!!

  2. The other day I realized I had not seen an update from you in my blogroll in quite awhile... I scrolled down to find your last post and I'm so glad I did since I had no idea you started a new blog. (I was in the midst of a NICU stay when you made the switch... And have been dealing with preemie/newborn sleep deprivation ever since!) Anyway, I'm glad I found your new home and I hope you continue to post. I love seeing pictures of Chloe and watching her grow! :)

    Tanya (